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New CD

We´ve been working on a new CD for few months. At this moment we plan to go to studio in autumn. 

Next concert

On 16.7. we´re performing at the first showcase of a Czech music for foreign music professionals ever. The event is called Czech music crossroads and is organised by Colours of Ostrava festival. You can come to our concert to Marley club at 8.45 PM.

Sziget festival for the second time

On 10.8.2013 we performed at the huge and amazing Sziget festival in Budapest in Hungary. We´re really honoured that we could perform there again at the second biggest stage focused on world music. It was unforgetable experience again. Here you can read our interview for a Polish magazine.

Rainforest world music festival 2012 on Borneo island

In 2012 we went to Malaysia and Borneo. We had two gigs in Kuala Lumpur and one at the Rainforest world music festival on Borneo island. You can see some videos and pictures from there. Here you can find a review by Angela Romero.