Best of 1372-2007


Released 2007
Edition date 2007
Label Indies Scope


Music and lyrics:

Čankišou, except of (2) Balla Sidibé, (6) mongolian folk song, (9) M.S.Viswanathan/Hariharan, (12) Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, (13) David Synák, (15) Jan Budař/Vladimír Morávek

Text on the booklet:

  • cca 9600 B.C. - the end of Atlantid - world known at that time. Little rest of the Čanki people settled down in a small mountain and deserted area between what is now Turkey and Syria.
  • cca 2670 B.C. - Imhotep - the one legged Čanki descendant, master-builder of the first pyramid in the world (in Sakkara). Sculptor, founder of hermeticism and writer of the Book of wise life advice.
  • 1184 A.C. - the last and the only documented participation of the Čanki poeople in a battle. Only a little part of this nation survived the massacre while defending the Land of a priest John (Middle Asia).
  • 1372 A.C. - John Mandevill, an English traveller, died. He was the last person to see the Čanki people perform. Since that year only Čankišou band is interprating music of the Čanki people.